An Artificially Intelligent Blockchain For A Decentralized Visual Network

ScopeX is the world's first true AI blockchain.

Scalability is provided by AI based state sharding, and our unique architecture of thin-Dapp clients and a fat-AI protocol allows for simplified application integrations.

The ScopeX hash methodology uses on chain AI algorithms to distribute XAI in remittance to  hardware and software suppliers, creating the next generation of decentralized infrastructure featuring self-regulation and the ability to evolve.

Core Features

True On-Chain AI

Our proprietary hash method supports an economy of AI models functioning on-chain. The ScopeX Chain will evolve and self-regulate as new models are made available.

Robust Security

Specifically designed to protect creators and their content. Industry leading security features confront threats, utilizing AI to monitor the status of the network.

Limitless Scalability

On demand scalability is provided by on-chain artificial intelligence able to react to network stress and adapt to network loads utilizing AI based state sharding.

Easy Integration

Built to support the global developer community, our unique architecture of thin-Dapp clients and a fat-AI protocol, is designed for easy integrations access to the chain.


1) Data scientists can list their AI models on the ecosystem.

2) DApp developers can easily use AI to power their applications features.

3) Miners can connect there GPU or mainframe to the network to provide computing power & storage.

4) End users can access DApps as well as upload and share data to the ecosystem.

Applicable Industries



Internet of Things

Smart Cities

IP Protection


Leadership Team

Dr. Yanqing Wang
CEO, Co-Founder, Ph.D

Founder, Ph.D. in Human Computer interaction from Simon Fraser University.

Expert in both human intelligence and artificial intelligence, blockchain advocate, serial entrepreneur.

COO, Co-Founder

Co-Founder with over 20 years experience in IT industry, MSc.InComputer Science.

Former senior software architect at Electronic Art (EA) and SAP, distributed computer expert and blockchain researcher.

Dr. WangYan
CTO, Ph.D Computer Vision from Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Science

Accepted to University of Science and Technology of China at age of 14, Post-Doc at Simon Fraser University. Formerly working at Sharp as research scientist. AI expert.

Wenhu Guan,
Senior Ecosystem Architect

Senior software architect, over 15 year working experience in software development.

MSc. In Pattern recognition and AI. formerly working for Active Network and IBM China as software architect and team leader, Blockchain research & development expert.


Professor Greg Mori,
Technical Adviser, Ph.D

Ph.D. from University of California Berkeley, Director of Computer Science at Simon Fraser University,

2017 IEEE Helmholtz Prize winner for his work in video recognition field, world renowned AI scientist.

Professor Leonid Sigal,
Partner, Ph.D

Ph.D. from Brown University, Professor at University of British Columbia,

Former director of Disney Research into Computer Vision, Image semantic embedding field pioneer, AI expert.

Professor Bin Zheng,

Professor at University of Alberta, Director of Medical Simulation Lab, expert in medical images and haptic interface.