"Today everything exists to end in a photograph."
Susan Sontag

Distributed Computer Vision

  • The worlds first blockchain infused with cognitive computing technologies.
  • Decentralized & ‘self-aware’ blockchain.


  • ScopeX is a public Blockchain for Visual Networking:
    • Scalability provided by AI based state sharding.
    • Hash methodology hosting ‘on-chain’ artificial intelligence.
    • Thin dApp and fat AI protocol architecture for easy integration and application development.
    • IP Protection specifically designed for images and AI models
  • ScopeX provides an intelligent and decentralized platform to analyze and share visual content.

Why scopex blockchain?

  • 3,500,000 Images are shared every minute online.

  • Most images are generated in a decentralized way, yet usually uploaded to and processed by a centralized platform.

  • In most cases, AI algorithms/models are either centralized or isolated due to trust or IP issues.

  • Our ecosystem allows for distributed computational models to be made available to the global developer community. 


Scalability and Security

AI-based sharding guarantees ScopeX’s scalability and security.


The ScopeX model ranking mechanism allows the distributed AI to evolve over time.

Essential dApps

ScopeMedia will develop and deploy essential dApps to grow the ScopeX network.

Open AI + Blockchain

Proprietary hash methodology to allow for 'on-chain' intelligence, leading to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Ease of Use

Thin dApp architecture makes AI dApp development accessible to the global developer community.


The ScopeX ecosystem ensures incentives to AI model contributors, content providers, and dApp developers.

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